Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Candidate Spam

The cost of sending a resume used to be the cost paper, an envelope and a stamp. Then it went down to paper and a fax. The cost of sending a resume is now nearly free. Less qualified candidates are now able to quickly and cheaply spam their resumes - getting in the way of more qualified candidates who are trying to catch the attention of hiring managers.
Making it costly to send a resume dramatically cuts down on resume spam. Testing is one of many solutions YourLeap had implemented to help companies find the best possible talent available. They have partnered with Kenexa to use of 300 assessments to test candidates. Testing helps two fold: it assess a candidates skills while helping to filter candidates.
Those who have posted an ad on a major job board can attest to fact that the vast majority of responses to being completely unqualified. Candidates frequently send their resumes to jobs they are completely unqualified for, but since their is no cost to applying, why not play candidate lotto, the tickets are free.
By filtering out candidates that aren't serious enough to commit time to test, as well as those that test poorly, YourLeap can spend more time further qualifying those candidates that can do the job. YourLeap clients not only get maximum exposure to the best talent pool in decades, but they can now spend more time with the best qualified candidates.

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