Monday, November 2, 2009

Stock surge, higher than expected GDP, guess what's next?

The recent surge in the stock market has been a phenomenal opportunity to invest. Those that had the foresight and the fortitude to get in when the market seemed darkest have been well rewarded. The employment market is a lagging indicator, but at some point will turn. Companies that invest in acquiring talent early will also be the best rewarded. Many companies are already taking advantage to the best opportunity in a lifetime to get top talent in a less competitive environment.
Like a friend who lends a hand when you're down, candidates will likely show more loyalty to companies that hires them when the market is down, that one that hires when the market is more competitive. Not only do companies gain access to a deeper pool, but companies are also able to negotiate more competitive salaries when the market is cooler. This further compounds the advantage for those who act first.
The stock market has already surged, the economy grew at a faster than expected 3.5% in the most recent quarter, prompting the fed to declare the recession over. Employment, a lagging indicator, is soon to follow. Companies that act quickly have a window of opportunity to get ahead of this curve.