Thursday, August 7, 2008

RPO: Recruitment Puzzle Outsourcing?

Hype: When it comes to sourcing candidates, RPO's often tell you how complicated and puzzling it is to find the right candidates, and then they tell you how they can offer you the best solution. They over complicate a simple problem, and then they help you solve it. RPO's promise you the best tools and usually claim they are proprietary to just them.

Reality: The most powerful sourcing tool is universally accessible. The Internet is the most powerful, transforming tool recruiting has ever experienced. There are over 100 million resumes on the Internet and that doesn't factor the even larger amount of candidates who use the Internet for their job search but don't post their resumes. Most companies don't realize the true power of the Internet because there are simply too many resources and too many choices. Companies have to balance the job boards with the time they have to navigate through them. Ideally a company should load both sides of the scale, but those with limited recruiting budgets are constrained.

Organizations who don't have all the pieces or enough time to put the pieces together, look to outsource to companies who already have the resources in place. Access to resumes and postings on the Internet is a commodity. Companies should look for maximize exposure to this commodity, while minimizing their cost. Selecting and managing an RPO, with all the cost and risk involved, often turns out to be a more expensive, more layered way to access that commodity. RPO clients are recognizing this, in fact two of the largest RPO's, Hudson and Spherion have reported decreased revenues in their most recent earnings and acknowledged that some of their clients are taking recruiting back in house.

What companies really need is a time and cost effective way to maximize their access to all the resumes on the Internet without giving up control of the process or adding risk. Given the proper pieces and the proper time, most recruiting departments can put the puzzle together themselves.

YourLeap, based in Stamford, CT has a unique approach to RPO. YourLeap gives you whats most valuable to you without all the fluff. They don't claim to be more valuable than the job boards, they feel that if boards were used effectively, many companies wouldn't need to outsource any of the recruiting process. YourLeap industry experts post your position and search daily on all the major boards and hundreds of niche boards. The results are easy to access by logging in to and viewing the pre-sorted responses from all the major job boards, as well as the hundreds of niche boards they post to. YourLeap provides this to you in an easily scalable and cost effective way.

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